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Something missing? Where's the last place you would think to look?

In our house, you never know where something will be hidden — or discovered.

Our young son is cute as can be. Just adorable. But he is also very mischievous.

We have found socks on the ceiling fan and cell phones in the entertainment center, behind the couch and in the toys.

My husband had misplaced his wallet for more than a week and was convinced it must have been lost or stolen.

Our daughter finally found it … under the Christmas tree.

Cade likes to go into his sisters’ rooms and switch their ceiling fan remotes. Or, he’ll take both remotes and place them somewhere else in the house. And we thought remote-controlled ceiling fans would be nice. Since they are wired to work with the remotes, you’re “in the dark,” so to speak, until you find them.

Toys, shoes, newspapers and whatever else is lying around will be found stuffed under or thrown behind the couch.

A tiny jingle bell wreath I like to hang on a door handle will be removed each day and placed somewhere else. I put it back, only to have it disappear again.

Once we found our fireplace mantle clock covered with clothes and stuffed in the corner of a living room chair.

So, this morning’s find wasn’t that startling, though peculiar.

I reached into my purse for a comb and pulled out a large, meat-filled dog bone.

I wonder if Biscuit was looking for it.

– Linda Lynn

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Linda Lynn

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