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Will Hider Checks in at Midtown's New Ambassador Hotel

The vision:

For those keeping score, Midtown is about to run out of historic buildings begging for a makeover. The latest success story is the former Art Deco-styled Osler Building at 1200 N Walker, which was originally built in 1929 as medical offices for doctors at nearby hospitals when the neighborhood was home not just to St. Anthony Hospital, but also to Wesley Hospital and Mercy Hospital. Earlier this month I was privileged to tour Midtown’s Ambassador Hotel just days before it opened. Paul Coury has spent $15 million renovating what was a long neglected Class C (and I’m being generous) office building into an upscale, 54-room boutique hotel.   I’m amazed at how much work was completed in such a short time since my last visit. The hotel opened today, and the restaurant, the Viceroy Grill, is set to open later this week. Frequent OKC Central contributor Will Hider has once again captured some amazing images of this great new hotel in what was formerly the Osler Building.

The Front Desk and Lobby:

Viceroy Grill:

The Guest Rooms:

The O Bar on the Top Floor:

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