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The world participates in a 10-year-old's party

Facebook turned 10 this week.

But if you are on the Internet at all, you knew that, right?

I knew it because everyone was posting their video (#Facebookis10) on their account. I saw it in passing as I checked my phone all day Tuesday. I was out of town and traveling, but kept seeing the minute-long videos getting posted by others.

I also knew it because news web editor Tiffany Gibson blogged about it on as the videos were trending. That blog became NewsOK’s most-viewed individual story this week. I’ll repeat that … the most-viewed story on a week where we had the Super Bowl, lots of winter weather and a national signing day for our big football schools.

If it’s trending, Tiffany’s probably blogging about it.



But back to the #Facebookis10 videos …

“That’s cool,” I thought. “Good for them. But I won’t do that.”

It was getting too popular already. If something is really popular, I generally stay away from it. It’s a personality flaw.

But then late on Tuesday evening, I had a quiet moment and the opportunity to click through and see what it was all about. Less than 30 seconds later, I had my video. I liked it.

I liked it a lot.

“I’ll just save the video for myself,” I thought. “I don’t need to post it.”

But I couldn’t do that. The only step Facebook allowed next was for me to share the video.

Well played, Facebook.

And so I did. I joined the rest of the world. It was worth the inevitable eye-roll from some of my Facebook connections.

Because I was hooked into participating, I spent a few days telling others how smart Facebook played that anniversary. I was impressed. It was easy to use and interesting to see other videos. A well-orchestrated promotion.

And I’m not a journalist who will bemoan the popularity of Facebook or other social media (see Twitter, Instagram, etc). I encourage all news consumers to be in that space if they want to be. I use those products right alongside my subscription to The Oklahoman and my frequent visits to NewsOK and NewsOK Mobile.

But if you’re going to be on social media, I very much encourage you to follow NewsOK’s and The Oklahoman’s accounts along with the accounts of our reporters and editors. You’ll see a lot of interesting stuff and lots of links to our stories.

So be sure to follow us so you can stay connected to your community while you are connected to your phone.

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