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'Needing sexy lady for live buffet' reads Oklahoma craigslist ad to end all craigslist ads

Oh boy. It’s Sunday night and I’m perusing Facebook, right? And I see a friend of mine share this craigslist ad from a Norman chef looking for a woman to help him serve clients at a private dinner party.

But it can’t just be any woman. She has to be “exceptionally clean and fit” — and willing to lie on a table while food is served off her nude body.

Here’s the full text of the ad, which sounds as genuine as a request like this can sound:

I am a chef in Norman. I do small private parties and dinners. I need an assistant that can help during plating and service during private dinners and also help take care of buffets for larger party events. I would like to be able to offer a live model buffet. You would also at times lie on the Buffet with food being served off your nude body. You must be exceptionally clean and fit. Please respond with your interest and any questions about this position. This is a serious search for me, not a game. You will get paid hourly plus tips based on your experience although I am requiring no previous experience due to the unique quality I am looking for at this time. I will train you completely.

This kind of thing actually isn’t all that unusual in the out-there side of culinary arts, and actually has a name: Nyotaimori (translated: serves food on the female body). It’s often done with sushi, but I guess any food can work. Except for soups. And some stews. Actually, anything hot might be uncomfortable.

Several years ago Vanity Fair had a great piece about a woman who was a nude sushi model. From the article:

This was as new and strange to our guests as it was to me. In fact, this was newer to them by a solid 30 minutes. This realization helped me regain my composure. Calm down, I wanted to tell them. Instead, respecting the order of reticence, I just smirked and tried to radiate positive energy.

According to “Educated Tastes: Food, Drink, and Connoisseur Culture,” nyotaimori is popular in the world of Japanese organized crime. And it’s something I could totally see happening in a Quentin Tarantino movie.

Heh. Craigslist is a funny place, but to each their own, I say.

That said, the merits of such a thing is worthy of discussion. No doubt some will see it as objectifying and degrading, while others see it as fun, unique and maybe even artistic. What do you think?




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