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2013 in review: What you were looking at on NewsOK

With 2014 just days away, I thought it’d be a good idea to share with you what you found most interesting and worthy of your time on NewsOK this past year. We’re talking articles, videos and photos, and even social media posts. You’ll definitely see a trend in what you, the reader, found most important throughout the year.

No more chitter chatter. Here’s what was big on NewsOK in 2013.


5. Oklahoma State Football: Sports Illustrated report expected to reveal alleged improprieties in Cowboys’ program — Sept. 7, 2013

It’s the “scandal” that rocked … well … nothing. Sports Illustrated spent a week releasing stories alleging wrongdoing in OSU’s football program but nothing really came of it. The Oklahoman’s sports desk quickly took notice, and began following up and fact-checking SI’s reports, all of which can be found on this NewsOK ongoing coverage page.


4. Oklahoma City man killed after Facebook comment, police say — Sept. 15, 2013

The world is a topsy-turvy place, and some poor dude in OKC allegedly got his ticket punched after commenting on a photo of another man’s girlfriend on Facebook (that was as difficult for me to type as it was for you to read).

Edmond James Tyree, 48, wrote “damm” on Facebook, misspelling his compliment about the woman’s photo. Five days later, a gunman killed Tyree inside his apartment. Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater said it best: “This is a perfect example of some of the ridiculous reasons people kill for.” Police arrested Antwion Courtez Martin, 20, of Oklahoma City (pictured), and charged him with first-degree murder and shooting with intent to kill.


3. Live Coverage: OU vs. Baylor — Nov. 7, 2013

The only win any OU fans saw that day was this dude’s beard. And this photo pretty much says everything about the 41-12 Baylor victory over the Sooners.


2. Oklahoma storms: Severe weather updates — May 31, 2013

May was an exceptionally rough month for Oklahomans in 2013, as we were plagued by weather that left people dead, property destroyed and hearts aching. We here at NewsOK did our best to keep you updated throughout outbreaks of severe weather, and all we can hope for is that it did some good. Our May 31 storm coverage can be found here.


1. Read live updates from the May 20 Moore tornado — May 20, 2013

The most-read article on NewsOK shouldn’t surprise many. The events of May 20 and the loss we experienced that day will forever be with us. But, as Oklahomans, we endure and rebuild — our lives and our communities — and it makes us a stronger state as a result.


5. 11 arrested in prostitution sting

You all like these kinds of photo galleries. I think it’s because you want to see if you recognize anyone in the lineup :D


4. Twister relief concert

Like I said earlier, Oklahomans might get knocked down from time to time, but we always get right back up. This benefit concert for the May 20 tornado rocked the Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium from sun up to sun down, and everyone and their mother was there.


3. Two charged with murder in Duncan ‘thrill killing’

There’s not much to say about Christopher Lane’s murder, except it’s one of the more tragic things we covered this year. Our ongoing coverage page has more information for those unfamiliar with this story.


2. Okies in the NFL

Though they’re not all Okies by birth, but these NFL players have Oklahoma blood running through their veins. And you guys like that sort of stuff.


1. Oklahoma storms: Amateur storm chaser took photo of tornado that killed him

From his pickup, amateur storm chaser Richard Charles Henderson took a cellphone photo of a tornado and excitedly sent it to a friend. Minutes later, that tornado would kill him.


5. May 20 tornado: Mother is reunited with her son — May 20, 2013

After the events of May 20, people needed something positive to read, watch, experience, etc., to lift their spirits and hopes. This video of a mother reuniting with her son did just that. More videos can be seen on our May 20 ongoing coverage page.


4. When Bedlam goes bad — Dec. 8, 2013

Bedlam 2013 is a sore topic for OSU fans, and this video shows how things got ugly at Boone Pickens Stadium after OU hammered the nail in the Cowboys’ coffin. Sports Web Editor Erik Horne detailed some of the more hilarious bits of the temper tantrums thrown that day in this blog post.


3. Century Chest opened — April 22, 2013

Old things breathed new life into Oklahoma in April as a 100-year-old chest was opened, the history of which can be read about in our Stories of the Ages: Century Chest.


2. May 20 tornado: Students at Briarwood Elementary after tornado passed through — May 20, 2013

This video is difficult to watch. We see the frightened faces of students, the worried look of teachers, and the empty space where a school once stood. But the audio really gets me. More coverage can be found here.


1. Okie Noodling Tournament — June 22, 2013

This video went viral after we published it, and the rest, as they say, is history.


So there you have it, the most-viewed content on NewsOK. Most of it isn’t surprising, but then you have things happen like the noodling video blowing up, and you wonder

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