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Take time Christmas week to read (and watch) one of NewsOK's best stories

It’s Christmas week.

Seems like an odd time to flash back to Thanksgiving, but I’m going for it.

As we approached Thanksgiving Day, editor Kelly Dyer Fry made a point to demand that we tell our best stories. It’s the biggest paper of the year. She even took the opportunity to write a piece in that day’s newspaperthat detailed all the effort that goes into filling 372 pages each week.

As you pick up the newspaper today and rifle through the many Black Friday ads, I hope you will also take a few minutes to read the stories. I hope you will see that your Oklahoman has changed. I hope you will notice all the bold color photography and all the stories written with care and dedication.

But as the digital managing editor, I can tell you that Thanksgiving Day is one of the slowest days of the year for traffic on Our normal daily users are eating turkey and watching football. And the type of content that drives our traffic the most — blog posts and breaking news — generally slows down on the holidays.

We just don’t drive to a big number those days. Never have.

So it’s kind of a shame that some of the best stories we told from the newsroom of The Oklahoman didn’t see the brightest lights on NewsOK.

The one in particular? George Lang’s piece on Kyle Dillingham and the message of hope for all those ‘broken beyond repair.’


If you subscribe to The Oklahoman, you probably read the story. And you are probably better for it.

But you might not have watched the video. And if you didn’t watch the video, you missed out.


So do me a favor. Watch this video. Share it with your friends.

We rolled this story and video out on Thanksgiving Day. But the message holds true on Dec. 20. And it will still hold true on Jan. 13 or Feb. 27 or any day you happen to come across the story.

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