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As part of my job, I’m always looking at what our audience is interested in on NewsOK.com. I review the traffic and the most popular stories on a daily basis.

(That’s nothing compared to what the NewsOK home page and section front editors do. They are watching those on a minute-by-minute basis. It’s a tiring job to be on top of all the content on the site.)

But when a month ends, it’s always kind of fun to take a broader view of what our audience reads on the massive and ever-expanding NewsOK.com.

At a quick glance, we know that our audience really likes to click through our photo galleries that we display on our section fronts and at the bottom of our articles.

The most clicked-through gallery in October? That was the gallery that went with the Oct. 24 article about the prostitution sting in Oklahoma City.

Other popular galleries in October were the photos from the OU-Texas football game and the photos we put together from the late Al McLaughlin, the innovative former photo editor at The Oklahoman.

As for the most-read stories in October, Robert Medley’s Oct. 16 update on the suspect in the shooting death of  a prostitute in Logan County led the list of articles on NewsOK.

That was followed by Darnell Mayberry’s blog post about Kevin Durant and the ESPN analyst Jalen Rose, who predicted the Thunder star would leave Oklahoma City in a couple of years. That story was well read, but not necessarily a popular topic for our local readers.

And third was Adam Wilmoth’s Oct. 8 breaking news about the layoffs at Chesapeake. Adam’s story broke in the afternoon of that day and dominated our home page for about 24 hours.

The traffic at the end of the month is telling about what resonates with our readers. Sometimes it’s an odd story or a breaking story or a sad story. Sometimes, it’s the passion surrounding our sports teams. Sometimes it’s a crime that captures all the attention.

But as I scroll through the long list, it’s clear that the variety of options and the depth of content make NewsOK special.

Photos of fall foliage in your neighborhood or a dust storm from decades ago? You want them both.

Breaking news about  big state agency raises or blog posts picking this weekend’s football game winners?  Bring both on.

And all of it is available every day and every night on NewsOK.



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