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'The Deadliest Day' series available online for subscribers

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Readers of The Oklahoman this week were treated to a great example of high quality journalism and storytelling.

The Deadliest Day” was a three-part series that started on Sunday and ended in Tuesday’s newspaper. Our digital storytelling presentation had videos and interactive graphics that helped complete the story and give the reader greater context and more information.

But our massive NewsOK audience hasn’t seen this piece yet.


Well, that’s one of the values of being a subscriber to The Oklahoman.

If you’re a subscriber who likes holding the paper copy of The Oklahoman next to your cup of coffee, you certainly did not miss Phillip O’Connor’s investigation with Felicia Murray’s designs. It was the centerpiece on Page 1-A for three consecutive days.

And if you’re a subscriber who reads the daily editions on your iPad, your iPhone or on, you didn’t miss it either. You were treated to the story along with web editor Richard Hall’s digital presentation and art director Todd Pendleton’s interactive graphics. And the videos produced by Paige Dillard and Todd Singleton are strategically placed throughout the text at just the right spots.

(I’m a big fan of this website, by the way.)

But you have to be a subscriber to read it. If you’re a subscriber who can’t get there, just connect your account and you’ll be set. Then you can enjoy everything on every day. It’s actually quite different than what you see changing each hour on

Get comfortable, though. “The Deadliest Day” is a time investment. It’s not meant for scanning or sound bites. It’s not breaking news or a blog post.

It’s a deep dive into a story that most of us have forgotten about. And it puts you right in the middle of a firefight in Afghanistan that cost the lives of three Oklahomans and changed the lives of dozens more.



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