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TV station exerts copyright claim to have fake pilot names pulled from YouTube

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R.I.P. Google Reader. You are missed.

It has almost been a month since Google pulled the plug on its RSS reader, and many people are still wondering why.

Google Reader reportedly had a solid user base, but it lacked direction. It needed someone to step up and perfect its features and think about its place in future Google products.

But no one did.

BuzzFeed published a piece Monday about why Google Reader died. The main reason: no one would run it.

Writer Matthew Lynley reports Chief Executive Larry Page and his inner circle of lieutenants simply did not view the RSS reader as an important strategic priority.

Therefore, employees knew that working on the project wasn’t going to get them the attention of Page, according to BuzzFeed.

The company said Google Reader was shut down for decline in usage, but it seems to me it had a loyal fan base. Maybe a future plan for the tool could have increased usage or at least preserved it.

Full disclosure: I do miss Google Reader. I experimented with several feed readers since the company announced it was pulling the plug. I have now settled on using Feedly.

If you haven’t used it yet, I recommend it. It lets you easily access your feeds on most mobile devices and makes marking read items a piece of cake.

As for Google Reader, you’ll always be with us. I guess we’ll have to live with the fact that some sources say they didn’t want to work on it because it wasn’t going to get them anywhere with their boss.

Next up is a new Twitter ad product that is now available to all advertisers running national TV commercials in the United Sates.

It’s called Twitter Amplify and allows marketers to continue the story of their TV advertising on Twitter, according to the company’s blog.

The product was announced in May with a beta release, which now has served up results that support the theory that using Twitter in combination with TV advertising is significantly greater than that of using TV advertising alone.

According to the beta release results, users that Twitter identified as being exposed on TV and then engaged with a Promoted Tweet demonstrate 95 percent stronger message association and 58 percent higher purchase intent.

And the company is also rolling out a little something special for Amplify users.

Twitter will launch a new set of analytics that will allow advertisers to be able to better understand what users on Twitter are saying about their ad campaigns, according to the company blog.

There’s no doubt that Twitter continues to establish itself as a social and advertising platform. In time, we’ll see how well this new product performs.

Finally, the spotlight is back on a local Bay Area television station that reported earlier this month that the names of the pilots on the Asiana Flight 214 were Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee Fuk and Bang Ding Ow.

Media Bistro reports KTVU is exerting its copyright claim on YouTube videos showing anchor Tori Campbell reading fake named identifying the pilots.

“The accidental mistake we made was insensitive and offensive. By now, most people have seen it. At this point, continuing to show the video is also insensitive and offensive, especially to the many in our Asian community who were offended. Consistent with our apology, we are carrying through on our responsibility to minimize the thoughtless repetition of the video by others,” the station told Media Bistro.

Some bloggers and journalists think removing the videos might be the wrong move. What do you think?

That’s all for this week.

- Tiffany

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