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Overheard: Webster Middle School

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Sometimes there are things that just can’t fit into a story but that reporters really want to share. I wanted to share this little bit that was left on the cutting room floor from my nDepth story about Webster Middle School. (Click here to read it.)

The students in Claudette Justice’s English class hurried to summarize the beauty and vastness of nature in 17 syllables before the bell rang. Justice had already taught them how to address a letter, and the second half of her class was dedicated to haiku poetry. A girl counted syllables as she talked to herself: “I love su-shi.” She paused. “Hmm. But I don’t.”

When you plant a seed

and water it and it grows,

then pops out a tree.

Rivers beautiful.

Need to use to stay alive.

Forever be my love.

Birds chirping a song

they sing and hum all day long.

Soaring in the sky.

The tree shape I drew

from a little drop of paint

looks like a dancer.

Hear my heart beating.

I’ll stay with you forever,

keeping a promise.

The dog was singing.

He sang a song I once knew

so I sang along.

Bark bark yes it’s me

Owner please give me a treat

Yum yum delicious

The green leaves are gone

missing all the memories.

Autumn, please don’t come.

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Carrie Coppernoll

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