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Big Lincoln County buck

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Carey and Brooke Drake with Lincoln County 10-point
Carey and Brooke Drake with Lincoln County 10-point

Carey Drake of Wichita, but originally from Tulsa, killed this nice 10-point buck in Lincoln County on the opening morning of blackpowder season.
Drake’s wife, Brooke, an Edmond native, was hunting with him in a box blind.
“I was convinced we would see very few deer due to the perfume billowing out of the blind,” Drake said. “Much to my surprise it was one of the better hunts I have been on in years.
“We saw four does early making their way from a food plot about 300 yards away. Then a coyoute paraded around in front of us. He got a little nervous but not before he put on a show for a few minutes.
“We sat for about 40 minutes without seeing anything and I thought the morning was over. Then, to my left, I caught a glimpse of a deer coming out of the creek. It was a very nice 9 point most Oklahomans would have taken.
“We watched him for a few minutes as he milled around about 100 yards away and he eventually bedded down in sight. I knew he needed a year or two more to mature, so I just enjoyed watching him.
“I was becoming impatient because I didn’t know how we were going to get out of the stand without spooking him. We waited about 15 minutes and I happened to look towards the spot he was bedded. That’s when he appeared. He was a 10-point with a broken tine on his rack that I believe to be 4½ years old.
“He finally made his way out of the creek and jumped the fence to near the 9 point. The 10-point established his dominance by laying his ears back ande lowering his head. They sparred and bullied each other for a short period of time.
“I knew the deeer was getting close to presenting an ethical shot opportunity and I became extremely nervous. The bucks separated and went on about their business.
“The big buck made his way into the sunlight, making his rack look even bigger.. It took all I had to calm myself and put the cross hairs on him. I shot and when the smoke cleared, he had ducked behind some cedar trees.
“I thought I made a good shot but you can never tell with black powder rifles. I waited about 40 minutes and slipped down to where I shot. I couldn’t find any hair or other signs of a good hit so I eased back to the stand to wait longer. I kept thinking maybe I had jerked the shot and missed completely.
“Another 30 minutes went by and I made my way back towards where I looked the first time. As I got closer to where he was standing when I made the shot, I heard something to my left not 20 yards away. I could see the brush moving and I moved for a closer look.
“I could see him laying down. Not knowing where he was originally hit and given the brush moving, I elected to use a follow-up shot to be safe. That shot did the trick and I recovered the deer. My first shot ended up being perfect. I honestly think a coyote had already located him and was making a quick exit when I walked down there the second time.”

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 Carey and Brooke Drake with Lincoln County 10-point

Carey and Brooke Drake with Lincoln County 10-point

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