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Baby Gourmet: Pouches make baby food easy to access

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*You’re traveling on vacation and your 7-month-old gets fussy because she’s hungry.

*Shopping is taking a little longer at the store than you had intended, and your little one needs a snack.

*With daycare pickup, basketball practice and making a stop for quick cash at the ATM, you feel like you’re driving in circles. But you don’t want to give your son drive-through food just because you’re in the car.     

Here’s your solution: Baby Gourmet pouch baby foods.       

Since my son is older, I hadn’t paid much attention to the baby food aisles, so I was surprised at how many baby foods are available in handy pouches.

However, for this blog, I asked my co-workers to have their little ones try Baby Gourmet and offer feedback.

I even tried one of the pouches myself, and, while it’s not my food of choice, I have to say the taste was delicious and fresh.

Jennifer has two boys, ages 3 and 1. She had already been offering ”squeezy baby food packets” to her youngest.

“I usually save them for the checkout line at Target,” she said before the taste test.

So, what were the results of the Baby Gourmet trial?

“My boys have each tried one of the pouches you gave me and it was a hit!”

I think what surprised and impressed me as a mom of three were the varieties of flavors. I have a 17-, 13- and 6-year-old, and I wish I had had the advantage of these pouches. It would have made being on the go so much easier. And, I would have felt confident that I was offering something organic and nutritious, as well as quick and convenient.

Yes, Cheerios, are great, but look at these flavors:  

Juicy Pear and Garden Greens

Orchard Apple, Carrot and Prune

Harvest Pear, Pumpkin and Banana     

Sweet Potato Pie                                           

Roasted Squash and Fruit Medley

Apple, Sweet Potato and Berry Swirl

Apple Crisp

Vanilla Banana Berry Risotto

Tropical Banana Bliss

The pouches target babies around the ages of 6, 7 and 8 months, but those are just suggested guidelines, since children older than 1 can still enjoy these nutritious combos.

I had even hoped I could encourage my son who has special needs to partake, but he wasn’t interested. I thought since they tasted so good, they would be a good way to supplement picky-eaters’ daily diets. A few of my co-workers with older children also had the same experience. So the pouch is really for babies, as it’s advertised, and very young children.

Here’s another review from co-worker, Moran, whose son is just older than 1.

“My 14-month-old is sometimes finicky about eating certain vegetables or fruits, but he ate the Baby Gourmet meals with no problem and was often urging me to feed him the meals faster!” Moran said.

“He seemed to enjoy the different food combos, which all smelled pretty yummy to me. The pouch packaging made it easy to dispense and carry the food on the go.”

Moran also offered that her son enjoyed holding the pouch himself and eating the meal directly from it.

While children can eat directly from the pouch (oh, so handy!), like any other baby food container or eating utensil, the pouches still require adult supervision. They’re not chew toys.

But the product packaging appears to be a success with moms and kids. And, Baby Gourmet and other pouch baby foods are multi-use.

Would you have thought about adding the pouch baby food to pancakes or using them to fill muffins?

Other ways to use the pouch baby foods can be found at the Baby Gourmet blog site and

If you have a 6-month-old, toddler or young child, these pouches are definitely worth trying. They are perfect for busy lifestyles, and who isn’t busy?

So, I have a new slogan for Baby Gourmet.

You’re on your way … with Baby Gourmet.

– Linda Lynn


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