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"Pretty Little Liars": Not Toby! ... and how I spent my evening with my daughters

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I was in the kitchen fixing chili for dinner last night, and I could hear my girls talking about what they were about to watch on TV.

It was going to be “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,”  followed by “Pretty Little Liars.”

When my daughters first started watching some of the popular teen-oriented shows, I wondered about the content of such shows. It seems like only yesterday they were immersed in shows like “Hannah Montana,” “Rugrats” and “That’s so Raven.”

I would occasionally hear a conversation about the shows, but I was an outsider. And, I had no interest in watching either of the series. How could I possibly get interested in them?

One night, however, I sat down with my oldest daughter, Katie, and watched both “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and “Pretty Little Liars.” I was hooked! Not on “Secret Life” as much, but “Pretty Little Liars” became one of my must-see shows.

So, after I hurriedly finished in the kitchen last night, I settled in next to my girls on the couch. We finished the finale of “Secret Life” and then started “Liars,” a show all three of us had been anticipating.

But this isn’t just a blog about my television viewing habits. I have many more favorites: “NCIS,” “Longmire,” “Covert Affairs,” “Psych” …

It’s about the benefits of watching television with your children. When they were watching “American Idol” a couple of seasons ago, I would sit with them then on occasion.

I’ve enjoyed watching the shows. But I also enjoy listening to what Katie and Kaci have to say about the actors, characters, plots. I love to hear their opinions and their analysis of what the backstory really is when you’re unsure of where the storyline will go next.

They might get a little annoyed if I ask a question about Emily or Jenna or Toby or why they did what in the middle of a scene. … But, that’s OK. I can learn more just by watching … and listening later to what they have to say.

– Linda Lynn

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