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Time for Roll Call - "Ma-MEE!" "Da-DEE!" "Issie!" ...

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My 4-year-old has a quirky little habit. He takes roll call when our family is driving down the highway.

“Ma-MEE!” he will say enthusiastically. I reply, “Yes, Cade?” as if he needs something.

Then, “Da-DEE! is shouted out as promptly as I respond. Daddy says, “Yes, Cade.”

And Cade continues his roll call:

“Issie!” (which is for Kaci)

“Nanny!” (which is for his sister Katie)

If any of us say, “Here!,” like you would in an actual roll call, he protests loudly. Or, if you don’t answer right away, he continues until you acknowledge him.”

“Issie!” “Issie!” … “ISSIE!!” Please, Kaci, answer him.

So, on a recent trip to Texas, one of our oldest daughter’s friends, Alex, came with us.

After a few miles down the road, Cade began:

“Ma-MEE!” …. Yes, dear.

“Da-DEE!” … What, Cade?

“Issie!” … Yes.

“Nanny!” … Yes, Cade.

“GAH!” …….

We all paused and realized he had named Alex “GAH.”

After we quickly explained to her what was happening, Alex responded, “Yes, Cade?”

– Linda Lynn

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