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Goodnight, Sweet Dreams ... Why is everyone still talking?

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After my daughter saw a spider on her bed – tis the season of springtime creepy crawlies – she spent a few nights in her sister’s room on the trundle.

She complained, though, that her younger sister talked in her sleep. I told her she used to do that, too, and to be more tolerant, especially since she was the visitor.

A few days later, she ended up sleeping in my room, too, since she had worn out her welcome elsewhere. Early the next morning before she awoke, she started yelling, “No!” in an argumentative tone. She was obviously arguing with someone in a dream. I was hoping it wasn’t me.

Last night, my youngest son started talking in his sleep … “mml…go” … which, in his language, is “Wanta go,” which he loves to do.

So, within a week’s time, all my children have been talking in their sleep.

What does this mean? I would guess it has something to do with unrestful sleep. All have either been sick, suffering from allergies or just tired.

Of course, it was a full moon recently, too.

–Linda Lynn

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Linda Lynn

Linda Lynn was born and raised in rural Oklahoma. A graduate of Purcell High School, Lynn began working at The Oklahoman in 1987 as a reporter after earning a journalism degree from the University of Oklahoma. She has served as both a... Read more ›