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Eat your veggies in March: It's National Nutrition Month

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The Oklahoman
The Oklahoman

Don’t let the headline sway you. You need to “eat your veggies” every month.

However, March is designated as National Nutrition Month, a time to draw attention to the importance of healthy eating and healthy lifestyles.

Search on the Internet for “National Nutrition Month” and you will be given a variety of websites offering you advice. Among those sites is the International Food Information Council Foundation with the campaign of “Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day” – see, not just in March.

“We want people to know that good nutrition does not always have to mean saying ‘no’ to your food preferences and traditions,” said Marianne Smith Edge, senior vice president, Nutrition & Food Safety, International Food Information Council Foundation.

This is the 40th year for National Nutrition Month to be recognized. Click here for more information about making healthy eating choices.

And here is a link about eating right on a budget. This site has some good advice I should heed: Don’t shop hungry! You’re more likely to buy items you really don’t need or that aren’t as healthy. Try eating a healthy snack before you shop, and the impulse to buy just anything won’t be as strong.

Some healthy eating habits I’ve heard through the years:

- Eat slowly to allow your stomach to realize when it’s full.

- Shop the outside perimeter of the store where more healthy and fresh products (like produce) are placed.

- Eat a colorful plate – green (broccoli), blue (blueberries), red (raspberries or strawberries), yellow (bananas), etc. – to get a variety of nutrients.

- Cook meals ahead on the weekend and freeze them, so you’re not as easily tempted to stop by a drive-through to pick up dinner on the way home from work.

- Pack your lunch, so you have more control over what you eat. It’s more economical, too!

Do I follow all this advice all the time? No. But I do try to be aware and make changes when I can.

So, challenge yourself this month – and, I’ll do the same — to think about nutritious choices, a benefit for you and your family.

–Linda Lynn

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