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On Tuesday, we had a popular story on our site. It was something one of our web editors found on another news site — – and wanted to share with our readers.

We call that an ‘Around the Web’ story. Those stories are generally displayed on the right rail of the NewsOK home page. But this particular Around the Web item was heavily read by our home-page readers and very newsy, so we made it a lead element. The topic was trending across the web that day.

One user didn’t like it:

@NewsOK The lead story on your website is just a link to CNN? Really? And I pay for full access to your site? #IWantRealReporting

— Rick Moore (@prairiedogking) June 11, 2013


One of our web editors, Tiffany Gibson, responded.

@prairiedogking It’s not the only content we have. Sometimes we’ll pull national stories from AP or choose OK news to display. It varies ^tg

— NewsOK (@NewsOK) June 11, 2013


He understood, but still didn’t like it.

@NewsOK Just sayin’ I expect more & the more I encounter this the less I’ll visit the site #Feedback

— Rick Moore (@prairiedogking) June 11, 2013


It’s true that we will share stories that editors find interesting, entertaining, informative or all of the above. It’s meant as a service. And we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback — both in real conversations and with the analytics from our traffic patterns on the stories our readers are clicking on. It’s something we look at every day, every hour.

But let me assure you that Around the Web stories, NewsOK blog posts or Associated Press stories that we feature for our home-page audience do not mean the level of original reporting has decreased.

We consistently have more than 120 articles listed on the NewsOK home page, many of which are original reports from The Oklahoman’s newsroom. But we just might feature something different right now — or at any given minute. We will evaluate all the stories we have and consider how to best display them at that moment.

The NewsOK home-page editors make that decision each minute. I encourage you to scroll to other parts of the home page if you don’t like the lead story at that moment. Or come back in an hour. There’s a decent chance we’ll have something else as the lead story.

New editor

Speaking of home-page editors, welcome Matt Carney. He joined the staff as NewsOK web editor this week.

He’ll be helping make the decisions that I talked about above. He’ll also be participating in our social media accounts and scouring the trending stories on the web for our home-page readers.

By the way, the headphones in the first Matt Carney photo we have comes from his involvement with the LOOKatOKC publication, where he’s been writing a bi-weekly column.

(Pick up LOOKatOKC at various locations throughout the metro area, or find a digital copy here.)


Flag Day

It’s Flag Day. Enjoy this video — written and narrated by Clem McSpadden.

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