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MSNBC's newsroom isn't for breaking news but Aaron Sorkin's is

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A lot has happened since the last Social Hour column, but here’s what you need to know from last week and Monday:

In a recent interview with The New York Times, MSNBC president Phil Griffin told viewers that they should go somewhere else to get breaking news.

“We’re not the place for that,” he said. “Our brand is not that.”

The Times reports the announcement came after MSNBC plunged all the way to fourth place in May, dropping behind CNN and HLN (formerly known as Headline News.)

The paper also reports the network’s ratings declined from the same period a year ago by about 20 percent. Griffin and others think this might be because people are expecting breaking news coverage.

In contrast to FOX News, MSNBC has been successful at providing political commentary and liberal coverage with hosts like Rachel Maddow.

But even Ms. Maddow saw a slip in ratings. reports she was topped by typical time slot victor Sean Hannity and CNN’s Piers Morgan in May.

Maybe the ratings are related to viewers growing tired of politics. Or maybe there’s a bigger problem. Only time will tell.

Next, I want to thank Twitter for finally releasing Vine on Android. I’ve heard many people complain about not being able to use the app since its launch in January. Some have even snubbed their nose at it and said they won’t use it.

I would urge you to rethink that. It’s a pretty neat tool and can be used for reporting purposes. After the May 20 tornado in Moore, residents drove through their neighborhoods and posted Vine videos of the destruction.

The six-second videos can also be used for animation and comedy, a feature used by newspapers and broadcast stations around the country.

And Twitter has built in a unique feature for Android users: zoom.

OK, so this might not sound like the greatest thing ever, but the company did post on its blog that it plans to release other features that could exist only on Android.

So, cheer up and stop being so stubborn!

Finally, the trailer we’ve all been waiting for is here. OK, maybe not all of us. Just us geeky journalists/news junkies who have been waiting for the return of “The Newsroom.”

The show is back for its second season, which will premiere on July 14.

I can’t wait to see what stories are covered and how they are presented. What will happen to the characters this season? How will they proceed with their coverage plan with the network breathing down their necks?

It’s just that good, folks. Or maybe I just think that because I can’t get enough of news, especially the inner workings of a newsroom.

Regardless, you should probably find a way to watch it on July 14.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading.

- Tiffany

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