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Posole goes to the The Big Apple to visit Bobby Flay

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While putting together the posole recipe for this week, I was able to try a couple of potential Christmas gifts for foodies.
I used the apple-shaped Dutch Oven by Lodge and served it in the Bobby Flay Chili Service.
The first positive for the Dutch oven is its appearance. It’s the first cast-iron pot that’s met with the wife’s approval. She has proclaimed a pot such as that is worthy of a permanent spot on the stove’s back burner, whether it’s filled with posole, gumbo or chili.
It’s also got an enamel inner coating, which helps prevent sticking and is tremendously useful when it’s time for cleanup. I was also pleasantly surprise at how the “stem” didn’t overheat. I was able to remove the lid with easily, without an oven mitt. I do have concerns that the stem handle might not last long, but that’s just a guess.
Couple of down-sides: It’s not real big. I had to brown the pork in batches. So dishes where browning is called for, like Boeuf Bourgingnon, are not optimal. On the other hand, I did cook eight quarter-pound Italian-style meatballs in a separate endeavor. In that experience, the only problem was overcooking, which falls on the cook. It’s easy to look at that shiny enamel coating and think “nonstick!” But it’s not. The same rules apply to this pot as its cast-iron brethren. It heats more quickly and thoroughly than its lighter-weight cousins. Bottom line, this is a great gift for the foodies with a sense of style.
The other item I used was the Bobby Flay Chili Service. This is a handsome collection of crockery for a dish that often gets short-shrift when it comes to presentation. The main pot and bowls match, but each bowl has a different yet complimenting color. For the chili-lover like me, this is a fantastic gift idea.
The only thing I would change for this service is the main pot. It’s not heatproof, thus can’t be used to cook the chili. That said, I certainly woudln’t turn one down if it ended up in my freakishly large Christmas Stocking.

And now for the obligatory Posole Playlist:

  1. Banditos/The Refreshments
  2. The Hanging Garden/The Cure
  3. David Watts/The Kinks
  4. Meantime/The Futureheads
  5. From a Buick 6, Bob Dylan
  6. Working Girl/The Members
  7. Paper Planes/MIA
  8. Radio, Radio/Elvis Costello
  9. Girls & Boys/Blur
  10. Train in Vain/The Clash

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