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Top Chef returns

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Catch up up on the season premiere of Top Chef fifth season in our latest podcast. Staff writers Bryan Dean and Carrie Coppernoll join in the discussion. For a full recap of the first show, check out this blog from “Top Chef” podcast originator JaRena Lunsford.

As promised, here is the menu at Le Castle Dude of Food:

Caprese vs. Corinth vs. Culiacan Salad

1 sliced green onion

1 thinly sliced roma tomato

1 sliced serrano pepper

2 tablespoons Feta Cheese

1/2 teaspoon pink peppercorns

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar.

Salt and pepper.

Simply mix and serve.

Fusion of sausage, onion and peppers

4-6 ounces sliced Spanish chorizo

1/4 red onion or two shallots sliced

1-2 serranos sliced

1 teaspoon regular olive oil

Salt and pepper.

Slice the chorizo as thin as you can. Heat the oil then drop in the chorizo and saute on med-high heat about a minute. Flip the slices and add the onion and pepper. Salt and pepper and remove from heat just after the onions and peppers become translucent. Drain on a towel and serve on crusty bread with a dollop of the caprese.

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