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Ed-die, Ed-die

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Are we really talking about Eddie Sutton getting a coaching job in December?

You bet.

Watch my latest video commentary or read below:

Eddie Sutton could not have scripted a better scenario had he pulled out an Olympia typewriter and pounded it himself.

The Oklahoma State great is back in coaching. When he retired a couple years back, it wasn’t officially a forced retirement. Unofficially, though, everyone knew that it wasn’t what Sutton would’ve chosen on his own.

Thing is, he needed to spend some time away. He’d been drinking, and worse, then he’d been driving. Sutton had more important things to worry about than stopping Kevin Durant or scoring on Texas Tech.

But on Wednesday, Sutton returned. He is taking over the basketball team at the University of San Francisco, which to this point has been best known for being Bill Russell’s alma mater. Past that, it’s basketball history is sparse.

Now, Sutton takes over a struggling program. The team is 4-8, and coach Jessie Evans is taking what the school is terming a leave of absence.

San Francisco needs a coach for the short term.

Perfect for Eddie Sutton.

Sutton is on the hook for only the rest of the season. Now, he is saying it could be longer, but the only thing that is for certain is the next 10 weeks.

It is a test run for Sutton.

If he just wants to get to 800 wins, then he has that chance. But I suspect he wants more. He coached for five decades, and it’s difficult to just walk away from something you love as much as Eddie Sutton loves coach.

This is the perfect chance for him to see if he still wants to coach. If he doesn’t, he can just walk away at the end of the season. No harm, no foul. If he does still want to coach, Sutton will have an opportunity to see if he’s up to it. Does he still like going to practice? Traveling? Game planning? Does he still have it in him?

This will be an ideal test run for Sutton.

How the script plays out, no one knows. But for Sutton, it is off to a rousing start.

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Jenni Carlson

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