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The Buckles family takes on the digital transition

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Local Editor Rick Green doesn’t just organize the news coverage every day while constantly juggling conversations and opinions of  news reporters and managing editors.

Local Editor Rick Green
Local Editor Rick Green

No, even though he has one of the toughest jobs in the OPUBCO building, Rick apparently still finds time to read the paper cover to cover — literally — every day. I know this because the comics are on the back page of our Life section or Classifieds section each day, and Rick is a a reader of those comics.

How do I know he reads the comics? I know this, because he shared a series that was in Buckles last week. It was all about the newspaper transition to digital. Some of the conversations in the panels are similar to conversations I’ve had with friends and family members in recent years as OPUBCO has begun to offer enhanced digital subscriptions while continuing to offer an outstanding printed product. Buckles creator David Gilbert did a fine job capturing the challenges of the digital transition.

It’s always interesting to listen to the passion that people have about the way they like to read our news. The six-day series was fun to follow. Check out the Buckles for those six days below (click on the images to go to LOOKatOKC’s Comics Kingdom page, where you can see these images larger).


By the way, it shouldn’t go without noting that Rick showed me these comics by handing me a stack of newspapers.

Oh, and to be perfectly clear … there’s no shame in reading the comics. I read some every day in The Oklahoman, as well. I just happen to read them on The Oklahoman’s iPad edition instead of the printed newspaper.



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 Local Editor Rick Green

Local Editor Rick Green

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