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The Thirsty Beagle blog and the Beer Championship Series finals

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Nick Trougakos is the Assistant Local Editor is charge of our Metro section/coverage.

That’s what he does during the day, anyway. After that, he becomes the Thirsty Beagle, offering news and commentary on all aspects of the world of beer.

In the past month or so, Nick — er — the “Thirsty Beagle” has been keeping watch over his annual 64-team Beer Championship Series tournament. It’s been sponsored by Tapwerks in Bricktown.

Tapwerks has been kind enough to over look the mixed analogy that the Thirsty Beagle came up with. I mean, “64 teams” sounds like March Madness — and it sounds like it should be in the Spring. But the “BCS” sounds like college football — and it sounds like it should be in the Fall. But I won’t argue with a man who requires all co-workers to address him as “The Beagle” as they encounter him in the OPUBCO hallways. It’s the least we can do in return for all his hard editing work.

Besides, today isn’t the day to quibble about the name. It’s a day to celebrate the two finalists — Redbud Pale Ale vs. COOP Native Amber — and place a vote (or 10 votes) for your favorite.

Voting for the finals continues until 6 p.m. Wednesday.





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