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A defining moment in history

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Every Monday, we aim to bring something new and different to our readers. We have set a goal to offer a multimedia presentation for the time each week when our traffic is the heaviest — Monday morning.

Sometimes, it’s an nDepth presentation. Other times, it’s a ‘know it’ topic. Last week, it was a three-part series.

Today, it was Dec. 7.

It’s been 68 years, but it’s still a date that instantly conjures terrible images in our minds. But it’s a date that we must remember, and that’s why we took our multimedia Monday and devoted it to the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

  • We have an interactive map of the attack, detailing the attack waves and targets on Dec. 7, 1941.QA screen capture of the presentation is pictured to the right.
  • We have a link to the site we produced a couple of years ago on Oklahoma World War II Stories, a site we built in partnership with OETA.
  • We have archived photo galleries, articles and videos.
  • We have a link to our know it topic on Military, fitting for the day’s topic.

The piece is meant for the NewsOK user that wants a little bit more to NewsOK than the daily breaking news headlines and weather report. We  suspect that most of our customers fit into that category, and that’s why we began ‘multimedia Monday.’

Each Monday, you are promised a healthy dose of meat on your NewsOK breakfast plate, providing great sustenance for your news browsing in the week ahead.

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