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Digging up old stories in The Oklahoman’s Archives

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I received an email the other day from a woman with a very simple question.

She was researching an historic event in her family history in the 1930s. …

“I know there was a lot of news coverage.  How can I access this information?”

I knew how she could access it. And I knew who could help her the most — The Oklahoman’s News Research Editor Linda Lynn.

Here was Linda’s response:

“There are numerous stories in The Oklahoman Archives about the story you mention. If you would like to subscribe to our online database, contact (405) 475-4000. If you are a resident of Oklahoma, you might contact your local library, since members of some metropolitan libraries have free access.”

Linda, of course, was referring to The Oklahoman Archives, something I’ve written about in the past and something news research specialist Mary Phillips blogs about often.

This is just another nice opportunity to tell everyone what a great resource the archives can be.

I like to dabble in the art of looking through the newspaper archives that goes back more than 100 years. Linda and Mary, however, are experts and know the rich resource it provides for those who use it.

If you want to research something, it’s perfect because there’s no better documentation of an historic event the the ‘first draft of history.’

But as I mentioned, I usually like to simply entertain myself with the archives, casually learning how the newspaper articles — and especially the ads — have evolved over the years.

For entertainment purposes only, it’s worth the cost and effort.

For research purposes, it’s invaluable.

Especially considering that it’s available for free for all subscribers of The Oklahoman.


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Alan Herzberger

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