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'Walking Dead' watch party chat transcript, Oct. 14, 2012

TV writer Melissa Hayer and web editors Richard Hall and Tiffany Gibson chatted with readers Sunday during the third season premiere of "The Walking Dead." Below is a transcript of the chat.

NewsOK 7:23 p.m. Hey everyone. If you're addicted to the show, you're probably watching reruns of the last season right now.
NewsOK 7:24 p.m. We're going to get started shortly before 8 p.m. and talk about the premiere as the episode unfolds. We want to read your comments, questions and reactions.

Will the show stick to the graphic novel? Or will it bring in new characters and plot lines? What do you think?
Richard Hall 7:25 p.m. Hey, all! Of course we're all totally addicted. Die, zombies, die!
Richard Hall 7:26 p.m. @NewsOK: Based on what we've seen the past two seasons, I have no doubt we'll see changes from the comic. It's not done to stiff the longtime fans, but to breath new life into the story and give us all something unpredictable. Also, not everything in the comic would translate well onto TV.
Richard Hall 7:32 p.m. I'm often conflicted on the best mode of transportation during the zombie apocalypse. Daryl rides a motorcycle. That thought terrifies me. It's loud, it's easy to lose control of, it can't go off-road too well, and there isn't metal surrounding you, keeping you safe from grabby zombie hands.
Richard Hall 7:33 p.m. Cars are loud, too, but carry more and that's a plus. Some can go off-road quite well, but I imagine an operational vehicle might be something of interest to other unsavory survivors.
Richard Hall 7:33 p.m. Bicycle is quiet but dangerous for obvious reasons. Same with foot travel.
Richard Hall 7:34 p.m. Hmm. Millennium Falcon it is, then.
Melissa Hayer 7:35 p.m. I don't think I'd choose a motorcycle or bicycle for the very reasons you've listed!

A tank sounds good - as long as you make sure there aren't any zombies already in it!

Or, yes, the Millennium Falcon would work.
Tiffany 7:36 p.m. I recall Rick using a tank in the first season in Atlanta, and that didn't seem to work out too well either. Hmmm. Maybe a boat?
Richard Hall 7:36 p.m. I once read that processed gasoline only has a "shelf life" of about a year. After that, it's useless. If that's true (and if I remembered correctly), that'd mean gas-powered vehicles would just turn into very big paperweights pretty quick.
Richard Hall 7:37 p.m. Heading out to sea could be nice, except for the weather. If someone's plan is to head to some deserted island, then you gotta think how many others have that plan.
Melissa Hayer 7:38 p.m. Which regular character do you think is most likely to meet their demise and, how soon, this season?
Tiffany 7:39 p.m. True. And I wonder if these zombies can swim? I know the mutated ones in Resident Evil apparently can.
Richard Hall 7:39 p.m. I'll take a page from Max Brook's "World War Z" novel: Head north to the frozen tundra and try to survive up there. The reasoning in the book is logical: Zombies would freeze, and when thawing season came around, you could head out and take off zombie heads while they're still unable to move.
Richard Hall 7:40 p.m. Hmm good question, Melissa. I think Hershel will die by the season's end. Since I know what happens during this story arc in the comics, I can make a guess at a character who will die, but I'll refrain as not to spoil anything.
Tiffany 7:40 p.m. No spoilers please!
Richard Hall 7:41 p.m. @Tiffany: George Romero's "Land of the Dead" features zombies that can walk on the ocean's floor, and the same thing happens in "World War Z." So, yeah, I guess it's possible, as possible as such a thing can be in a completely fictional world :D
Tiffany 7:43 p.m. Haha good point. I wonder if Glenn and Maggie will make it through this season. It seems like something is going to happen to one of them.
Richard Hall 7:43 p.m. Also, if anyone is interested in the mysterious character that saves Andrea in the season 2 finale, you can check out this month's issue of "The Walking Dead," which is a special that covers Michonne's beginnings.
Richard Hall 7:44 p.m. Heh, well, Glenn and Maggie have quite the relationship brewing, especially if the show sticks to the comics.
Richard Hall 7:45 p.m. But one thing to remember is no one is safe in this world. Don't get too close to anyone.
Melissa Hayer 7:45 p.m. I've got a feeling something might happen to Carol this season - just a guess, tthough.

I haven't read the comics, so thanks for refraining from spoilers, Richard. How does the show compare to the comics - are they both equally good?
Richard Hall 7:45 p.m. I remember my jaw hitting the floor when Dale died in season 2. I did not expect it at all. He lasted in the comic for a long time, and he and Andrea fell in love and everything. He was the group's moral compass, which I think is something that's passing onto Hershel.
Richard Hall 7:47 p.m. @Melissa: Carol takes a unique turn in this story arc in the comics, and it's quite possible we might see that in the show. She's been through a lot. The comic is pretty great. It's funny that a lot of people (including myself) were up in arms about how slow season 2 was for a while; too much drama, not enough zombies, etc. The comic book can go through a good chunk of issues without action, and I never blinked an eye at that.
Richard Hall 7:48 p.m. I think it just goes to show that some things that work well in the written medium might not carry over so well into film and television.
Tiffany 7:48 p.m. Do you think we'll see more zombies and action in season 3, Richard?
Melissa Hayer 7:48 p.m. That's true. I wasn't bothered by the second season, but I know a lot of people were.
Richard Hall 7:49 p.m. Oh yes, most definitely, Tiffany. The prison story arc in the comics contains the most action throughout the entire series, and also contains the most ferocious villain. I'm eager to see how this turns out on the show.
Tiffany 7:49 p.m. I'll admit, I did complain about the slow start at first. But once I dived into the character development, it made sense. Looking back, I thought season 2 was pretty great. I still remember the moment Sophia came out of the barn. I was in shock.
Richard Hall 7:51 p.m. Same here, Tiffany. Season 2 is very solid. I'm all about character development. And the payoff at the end of the series was worth it (Shane's betrayal, the group finding out everyone is infected, etc.)
Melissa Hayer 7:51 p.m. Me too! And I still haven't recovered from Shane's death - he was one of favorite characters because I thought Jon Bernthal was amazing in that role!
Tiffany 7:52 p.m. RE Melissa: I know! He was very convincing as the bad guy. It looks like Rick might be taking on that role in season 3??
Melissa Hayer 7:52 p.m. Maybe - it'll be interesting to see how his character goes this season.
Richard Hall 7:53 p.m. Bernthal did the role justice, for sure. In the comics, Shane dies much earlier on. Reason is, Robert Kirkman, the comic's creator and author, didn't know if Image Comics would let the title continue after its initial story arc. So, Robert elected to kill Shane early on. It happened much in the same manner as the show: Shane turns on Rick, and Carl comes to the rescue by killing Shane. Shane doesn't reanimate as a zombie, though.
Richard Hall 7:53 p.m. In season three, we'll see the "Ricktatorship" bloom. He makes his intentions clear at the end of season 2.
Richard Hall 7:53 p.m. Which characters do you think will bite the dust this season?
Melissa Hayer 7:55 p.m. It's be a big-time shocker if Lori and/or Carl did!
Richard Hall 7:55 p.m. :D I'll keep my mouth closed, then.
Melissa Hayer 7:56 p.m. Uh-oh :)
Richard Hall 7:56 p.m. Haha maybe uhoh. I might just be pulling ya'lls legs.
Tiffany 7:56 p.m. Or maybe just Lori? She is pregnant. I wonder how that might play out.
Tiffany 7:56 p.m. I should really read the comics.
Richard Hall 7:57 p.m. You totally should.
Melissa Hayer 7:58 p.m. I've heard fans say they don't want to read them because they don't want to know anything about what could happen on the show - and I'm probably in that group.

But, since there are differences, it'd probably be cool to read them.
Richard Hall 7:58 p.m. It might be $40, but it contains half of the comic series (issues 1-48):
Melissa Hayer 7:58 p.m. Sounds like a good deal.
Richard Hall 7:58 p.m. Like I said, I've read the comics but couldn't even begin to guess at specifics with the show. There are plenty of differences between the two.
Melissa Hayer 7:59 p.m. Less than a minute to go until Season Three!
Richard Hall 7:59 p.m. It's definitely a good deal. Each issue's list price is $3, so you're saving a bit buying it as the compendium. It's like paying for 13 issues, but getting 48!
Tiffany 8:00 p.m. Here we go! Sooo excited!!
Richard Hall 8:00 p.m. oooooohhhhhhhhemmmmmmgeeeeeee
Melissa Hayer 8:00 p.m. YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
Richard Hall 8:00 p.m. So pumped.
Richard Hall 8:01 p.m. I can't wait to get a good look at Hershel's beard. It looks pretty awesome.
Melissa Hayer 8:01 p.m. Zombie death count begins!
Tiffany 8:01 p.m. Way to make an entrance.
Richard Hall 8:02 p.m. If this were a drinking game, I'd already be drunk.
Melissa Hayer 8:02 p.m. Ha ha ha!
Richard Hall 8:02 p.m. Funny that a lot of movies/shows use silencers on pistols. Depending on the gun, silencers can actually make certain frequencies of a gun's sound louder.
Richard Hall 8:02 p.m. Carl! Taking out the walkers.
Richard Hall 8:03 p.m. I'd kill the owl. Dinner.
Melissa Hayer 8:03 p.m. The crossbow's very cool!
Tiffany 8:03 p.m. Zombie owl?
Richard Hall 8:03 p.m. Haha awesome. I should be writing this show.
Tiffany 8:03 p.m. Yes, you should. Make that happen for season 4!
Melissa Hayer 8:03 p.m. Yes!
Richard Hall 8:04 p.m. There aren't any infected animals in the comic book, and I hope they don't change that for the show. If animals got infected, humans would be completely screwed.
Melissa Hayer 8:04 p.m. Owl takes like chicken, right?
Richard Hall 8:04 p.m. Yeah it does. But it needs some ketchup.
Melissa Hayer 8:05 p.m. Rick's not in the mood for owl!
Richard Hall 8:06 p.m. I remember meeting and speaking with Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl, at last year's Wizard World in Austin. Cool kid and very humble about his experiences.
Melissa Hayer 8:06 p.m. Awesome!
Richard Hall 8:06 p.m. New opening credits. I dig it.
Richard Hall 8:07 p.m. Side note: I'm shocked "Comic Book Men" got renewed. I couldn't stand that show.
Guest 8:07 p.m. What happened? Where are they?
Richard Hall 8:07 p.m. Guest: Looks like the group is just foraging for food. They just left a house where they snagged an owl and some dog food.
Richard Hall 8:08 p.m. Also, thanks for joining us! The more the merrier.
Richard Hall 8:09 p.m. Man, I love how Rick is instilling more trust and duties into Carl. Love that he put Carl on watch.
Tiffany 8:10 p.m. As long as Carl doesn't taunt or throw rocks at zombies. Still mad about when he did that towards the end of season 2.
Melissa Hayer 8:10 p.m. Me too!
Richard Hall 8:10 p.m. Definitely a lesson he learned, too.
Melissa Hayer 8:10 p.m. THE PRISON!
Richard Hall 8:11 p.m. I like how there's no dilly-dallying. No discussion about going in or not. RICKTATORSHIPPPPP
Richard Hall 8:12 p.m. Smart idea. Lure to the gate, poke sharp things into zombie faces.
Melissa Hayer 8:13 p.m. That is smart!
Richard Hall 8:13 p.m. Carl has gotten good with that pistol. Carol? Not so much.
Tiffany 8:13 p.m. Stop using guns! You're going to attract more zombies!
Richard Hall 8:14 p.m. Or more people... DUN DUN DUNNNN
Richard Hall 8:14 p.m. Haha I love how none of these guns have recoil.
Melissa Hayer 8:14 p.m. Of course not - it's TV!
Melissa Hayer 8:14 p.m. Wow!
Richard Hall 8:14 p.m. Haha. But that was fun to watch.
Tiffany 8:14 p.m. I'm not sure which would be worse after the altercation at the convenient store a few episodes ago.
Richard Hall 8:15 p.m. I'd be more afraid of humans than zombies. Without a doubt.
Richard Hall 8:16 p.m. Zombies only want to eat. Humans want to eat and want all your guns, ammo, medical supplies, shelter, etc. Plus, humans can run and shoot and lie and do other bad things.
Melissa Hayer 8:16 p.m. Good point!
Tiffany 8:16 p.m. Good point. Zombies can eat your face off, though. Just saying.
Richard Hall 8:17 p.m. Zombies are terrifying because they do not stop. They don't have endurance that gets wiped out. They're machines.
Tiffany 8:17 p.m. I know! And my endurance is weak!
Richard Hall 8:18 p.m. Haha so is mine. I'd be zombie food in no time. I like to think I can hold my own because I know how to shoot guns pretty well, but "Zombieland" gets it right: Rule No. 1: Cardio!
Tiffany 8:18 p.m. Yes! And make sure you stock up on Twinkies. Very important.
Richard Hall 8:19 p.m. Best horror film ever? "Rosemary's Baby." Just sayin'. It's finally getting a Blu-ray release on Oct. 30, courtesy of Criterion Collection.
Richard Hall 8:19 p.m. What happens if you hate Twinkies? I do :( I guess I'd rather eat those foul things than starve.
Tiffany 8:19 p.m. Well, there's always owl..
Melissa Hayer 8:19 p.m. I think "Halloween" is the scariest movie ever - but back to "The Walking Dead!"
Richard Hall 8:20 p.m. Hershel is the most stylish member of this group.
Melissa Hayer 8:20 p.m. Lori seems out of it.
Richard Hall 8:20 p.m. But Daryl does have a "Good, The Bad and The Ugly" look going on.
Richard Hall 8:21 p.m. Methinks The Oklahoman Features desk should do a tongue-in-cheek zombie fashion story in Mood sometime before Halloween.
Melissa Hayer 8:21 p.m. Do zombies wear shoes?
Richard Hall 8:22 p.m. I guess it depends if they died with them on. I imagine most do.
Todd 8:22 p.m. anyone know where we can watch it online...i have DISH
Richard Hall 8:22 p.m. Maybe that's the trick: Take the shoes away and their feet get torn up quicker, so they collapse sooner!
Melissa Hayer 8:22 p.m. I like it!
Melissa Hayer 8:23 p.m. Nothing like a sing-along in prison.
Richard Hall 8:23 p.m. @Todd: AMC is streaming it for Dish customers. More info here:
Melissa Hayer 8:26 p.m. I don't think Rick and Lori will ever be the same after Shane's death.
Richard Hall 8:27 p.m. It didn't make too much of an impact in the comic. But I also can't recall if Rick ever told Lori exactly what happened.
Tiffany 8:27 p.m. She has to know.
Tiffany 8:29 p.m. To answer your last commercial break question, I'd say the 2003 remake of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" is my pick.
Melissa Hayer 8:29 p.m. She kind of pitted Rick and Shane against each other in the first place - so I'm not sure what she expects now.
Richard Hall 8:30 p.m. @Tiffany: I remember being absolutely freaked out at the original. @Melissa: True that. Plus, Rick still doesn't know Shane almost raped Lori in season 1. All the more reason to take Shane out.
Melissa Hayer 8:31 p.m. Yes - tons of Shane baggage still remains.
Richard Hall 8:31 p.m. Going in using just melee weapons will make them tired super fast. But maybe when that survival instinct kicks in, adrenaline just fuels the fight.
Richard Hall 8:31 p.m. Not to mention Lori's kid might not be Rick's!
Richard Hall 8:31 p.m. Oooo armored zombies. Love this!
Tiffany 8:31 p.m. SWAT ZOMBIES!!
Melissa Hayer 8:31 p.m. Holy moly!
Richard Hall 8:31 p.m. Knock them down, rip off helmets, stab, stab, stab!
Richard Hall 8:32 p.m. Or, go under the face guard.
Richard Hall 8:32 p.m. At least they can't bite too easily.
Richard Hall 8:32 p.m. Ewwww
Melissa Hayer 8:32 p.m. Nasty!
Tiffany 8:33 p.m. Maggie has become the new Andrea. Killing zombies and taking names.
Melissa Hayer 8:33 p.m. She's definitely toughened up!
Richard Hall 8:34 p.m. For sure. Maggie doesn't play around.
Richard Hall 8:34 p.m. I wish this was a two-hour long premiere.
Melissa Hayer 8:34 p.m. Yes!
Zombie Bait 8:34 p.m. uh oh here we go
Melissa Hayer 8:35 p.m. Super-creepy place!
Richard Hall 8:35 p.m. Good to see you, Bait!
Zombie Bait 8:36 p.m. Good to be alive
Richard Hall 8:36 p.m. Haha
Tiffany 8:36 p.m. I like the screen name.
Richard Hall 8:37 p.m. With a little paint, it can totally be something nice!
Tiffany 8:37 p.m. Ooh. And curtains. Those are a must.
Richard Hall 8:38 p.m. "Checking for scratches." Smooth move there, slick.
Melissa Hayer 8:38 p.m. That's too funny!
Richard Hall 8:38 p.m. Here, let me kiss your bloody shoulder.
Tiffany 8:38 p.m. Hahaha I was just thinking the same thing.
Melissa Hayer 8:38 p.m. Is there hope that the showers work in the prison?
Richard Hall 8:38 p.m. Lori's stomach got bigger in the past 20 minutes! Is that what happens to you women?
Richard Hall 8:40 p.m. OK: Which would you choose as your preferred weapon? It can be anything conventional: pistol, rifle, shotgun, knife, sword, bat, crowbar, etc, etc. No "bazooka!" or "lightsaber!"
Tiffany 8:40 p.m. I wonder if the airborne virus will affect the baby. Maybe she's carrying a hybrid or something?
Richard Hall 8:40 p.m. I imagine the baby is infected. Same blood and all.
Tiffany 8:41 p.m. Oh wait, maybe I'm thinking of Twilight.
Zombie Bait 8:41 p.m. who's going to get eaten next?
Zombie Bait 8:41 p.m. only one weapon? samurai sword.
Melissa Hayer 8:41 p.m. I'd think the baby would be infected, too, but that'd be cool if it wasn't.
Richard Hall 8:41 p.m. @Bait: I think Carol will die first this season.
Melissa Hayer 8:42 p.m. Preferred weapon would be a gun like Rick's!
Richard Hall 8:42 p.m. And a samurai sword, nice. They could be super effective. Just remember to always carry a sharpening stone!
Tiffany 8:42 p.m. Crossbow and or knife.
Zombie Bait 8:42 p.m. light saber would be nice if Luke Skywalker was around
Richard Hall 8:42 p.m. A gun would be nice. Crossbow, too, especially since ammo can be reused.
Zombie Bait 8:42 p.m. knife? sheesh
Melissa Hayer 8:43 p.m. Crossbows are cool, but I don't think I'd be talented enough to shoot one.
Richard Hall 8:43 p.m. @Bait: Imagine trying to use a lightsaber, though. I mean, it's basically a weightless sword. Only have the weight in the hilt. It'd be difficult to use without hurting yourself.
Tiffany 8:43 p.m. I think I would be a poor shot, so I would end up wasting ammo.
Zombie Bait 8:43 p.m. i'd prefer crossbow over gun
Zombie Bait 8:43 p.m. i'd lose a couple fingers
Zombie Bait 8:44 p.m. plus chop a few friends in half
Richard Hall 8:44 p.m. I'd likely go with a Ruger 10/22 rifle. Ammo is light, small, but effective. Then I'd fall back onto a machete for melee use.
Tiffany 8:44 p.m. Can I just use Michonne as my weapon?
Richard Hall 8:45 p.m. Haha yeah you can.
Melissa Hayer 8:45 p.m. There you go!
Melissa Hayer 8:45 p.m. Andrea seems to be lucky to have found her for a friend.
Richard Hall 8:45 p.m. Michonne's character deals with some major stuff during this story arc in the comics. It's the one thing I'm most eager to see if they put in the show.
Melissa Hayer 8:46 p.m. She certainly has interesting pets.
Richard Hall 8:47 p.m. Yeah. Ripped off the arms and bottom jaws so they can't grab or bite.
Tiffany 8:48 p.m. Indeed. If she can train zombies, she could probably train anything. If killing the undead doesn't work out, she might have a future in animal training.
Richard Hall 8:48 p.m. She was a lawyer before becoming Ms. Awesome.
Richard Hall 8:49 p.m. So maybe she can argue with some walkers and get out of a bind.
Zombie Bait 8:49 p.m. train her next husband
Richard Hall 8:49 p.m. Haha yeah. @Bait: Do you read the comics?
Melissa Hayer 8:50 p.m. Hershel's so calming.
Zombie Bait 8:50 p.m. no, don't want to know what happens
Richard Hall 8:50 p.m. @Bait: Cool. I know quite a few people who share the same feelings you do.
Tiffany 8:51 p.m. OK, here's another commercial question. What's your zombie plan? Where would you go? Why?
Zombie Bait 8:53 p.m. dang it's almost over
Zombie Bait 8:53 p.m. I think an island is a good spot
Richard Hall 8:53 p.m. At risk of sounding weird: My wife and I are planning to put together a couple bug-out bags. Not for zombies, but they're just-in-case bags, mostly used for natural disasters. In the bag there's food, first aid, tools, etc. My plan, if zombies did become a problem, would be to travel north and live out in the tundra, like mentioned in "World War Z."
Richard Hall 8:53 p.m. Another option, but dangerous during hurricane season, would be an oil rig.
Melissa Hayer 8:53 p.m. An island is a great idea!
Tiffany 8:54 p.m. My cousin has a room designed in her house to hide out in during a zombie apocalypse. Haha she's ready.
Melissa Hayer 8:54 p.m. That's being prepared!
Zombie Bait 8:54 p.m. lol
Richard Hall 8:54 p.m. Haha that's awesome. Does she have a plan on how to get out in case she runs out of essentials?
Tiffany 8:55 p.m. I think her plan is to eliminate the zombies from the ceiling by shooting at them. Then she could go downstairs and get the things she needs. The room is cool, but her plan might need a little more thought.
Zombie Bait 8:56 p.m. probably more danger from ppl than zombies though
Tiffany 8:56 p.m. Good point, Bait.
Richard Hall 8:56 p.m. @Tiffany: Tell her to read "World War Z."
Melissa Hayer 8:56 p.m. Disgusting!
Tiffany 8:57 p.m. Will do!
Richard Hall 8:57 p.m. I'm hoping AMC does a "Breaking Bad"/"Walking Dead" crossover. Maybe it's Walt's meth that started the zombie apocalypse?
Richard Hall 8:58 p.m. NOOOOOOOOOOO
Tiffany 8:58 p.m. NO! Hershel!
Richard Hall 8:58 p.m. Maybe they'll amputate the leg or something and be able to save him.
Richard Hall 8:59 p.m. Ah yeah here we go.
steve 8:59 p.m. i have dish and could not watch,and could not get it to come up onlinecan anyone help me,been a walking dead fan since night one.
Melissa Hayer 8:59 p.m. Holy Cow!
Richard Hall 9:00 p.m. Hey, @Steve: Check out this link
Richard Hall 9:00 p.m. More survivors. Nice.
Tiffany 9:00 p.m. You might not want to eat dinner during this show.
Richard Hall 9:01 p.m. I was tearing into some prime rib when Hershel got chopped.
Tiffany 9:01 p.m. Wow. What an ending.
Richard Hall 9:01 p.m. That was awesome.
steve 9:01 p.m. tnks richard,i did that but it would not load
Richard Hall 9:01 p.m. @Steve: Sorry to hear that. Probably server overload.
Melissa Hayer 9:02 p.m. Great start - can't wait for more episodes!
Tiffany 9:02 p.m. AMC usually has the episode up online 24 hours after. I know you can watch it that way.
Tiffany 9:03 p.m. I know! I wish it was a two-hour premiere.
steve 9:03 p.m. @ richard ur right,
Richard Hall 9:03 p.m. That was a good episode. I approve!
Melissa Hayer 9:04 p.m. Thanks everyone for joining in on "The Walking Dead" Season Three premiere watch party!
Tiffany 9:04 p.m. All great questions and comments.
Richard Hall 9:04 p.m. Thanks, all!
Tiffany 9:04 p.m. We'll have a transcript of the chat available on tomorrow.
Tiffany 9:04 p.m. Thanks. Have a good night!
steve 9:05 p.m. @ tiffany tnk i will check that evening feels lost since i did not
Richard Hall 9:05 p.m. @Steve: Good luck!
steve 9:05 p.m. @ richard tnk u.

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